When Do Babies Roll Over?

As parents, theres not much that excites us more than watching our babies and young children achieve some sort of developmental milestone, whether that be walking or talking or finally moving out of our basement.

One of the earliest developmental milestones to occur, and probably one of the most exciting for parents to witness, is the act of rolling over. Watching that young genius roll from their belly to back and over again often has many parents planning for future Olympic Games to come.

A common question for new parents though is: when can they expect the rolling over to begin?

Baby rolling over for the first time

The easy answer is that the average baby will begin to roll over somewhere between 4-7 months, but as we all know, every child is different and some babies will learn to roll fairly quickly after achieving head control and others will be quite content just squirming and slithering around like a worm and put off rolling until well after 7 months of age.
And thats okay.

As long as your baby is happy exploring their surroundings and seems interested in that activity, its okay if theyre a little late in their achievement of the big roll. Also, its important to keep in mind that if your baby was born prematurely, some of these first year developmental milestones may be slightly delayed as a result and thats a normal thing as well. Its always worthwhile to speak with your physician or healthcare practitioner if you have any specific questions or concerns and you dont need to be shy about that. There’s more on that to come, but first heres a little more information about the rolling:

How the rolling startsIt wont be long before your child is rolling down the hill singing about “Jack and Jill” like a professional, but first, it all starts with gaining control of the head and neck. This control usually develops over the first few months of age and a great exercise to help in the strengthening of the head and neck is good ole supervised “tummy-time”.

Babies on their tummies will naturally want to look up and around and see whats happening to their favorite toy or parent and this little exercise will aid in the strengthening of their neck and arms and other muscles that they will use to roll themselves over. It might not be pretty at first, but all that head lifting, leg kicking, chest lifting and arm waving will quickly turn into rolling.

Probably when you least expect it and hopefully not when theyre unsecured on a diaper changing table!

Some experts believe that its easier for babies to roll from their bellies to their backs initially and that you will often see that activity occur first, but its definitely not uncommon or unusual for the rolling to begin from the back to the belly. As was mentioned earlier, every baby is different!

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